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We are developing a new generation of universal industrial robots to do the heavy lifting on Earth, Moon, asteroids and Mars.



We envision millions of smart robots working under human supervision on and offworld, turning the inner solar system into a better, gentler, greener place for life and civilization.

We can't simply export the 20th century heavy industrial paradigm offworld. So in pursuit of our offworld aspirations, we are reinventing how we mine, process, manufacture and build cities on Earth.

1. Life insurance policy:

Plan A is to keep our home planet safe – always. But we do need a plan B to protect ourselves from existential black swan events, cosmic or human-made. Becoming a multi-planetary species won’t protect us from all existential risks, but it does offer a decent coverage.


A new generation of industrial robots is a key enabler of human expansion beyond our home planet. Why expand in the first place? We have three reasons.



We’ve launched dozens of satellites. We’ve built air-breathing rocket engines. We’ve built orbital spacecraft. We’ve built dozens of robots. We’ve run global technology companies. We have run large infrastructure projects. Collectively, we have been learning and gearing up for this challenge for 150 years. Nothing beats working together as a team in pursuit of a shared dream!

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OffWorld, Inc

2031 E. Foothill Blvd., Pasadena CA 91107

OffWorld Africa (pty) Ltd 

17 Scott Street, Waverley, Johannesburg, 2090, South Africa

OffWorld, SARL

1, rue Jean-Pierre Brasseur

L-1258 Luxembourg


General: info@offworld.ai

Careers: joinus@offworld.ai

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