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OffWorld Facilities

OffWorld is currently spread across four global regions. Each is distinct in focus and presents unique opportunities for business and development, but all contribute to the Swarm Robotic Mining system. See what our facilities have to offer.

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United States (Pasadena, California)

Home of OffWorld’s headquarters. Our Pasadena location reaches over 35K sq. ft. and houses the production center of our various robot species and products.

South Africa (Johannesburg)

OffWorld’s South Africa location focuses largely on mine deployment, the industrialization of our robots and system robustness.

Europe (Luxembourg)

OffWorld’s space resources epicenter specializes in mining on the Moon and processing focused on resources that play a vital role in facilitating sustainable lunar exploration.

Australia (Perth)

OffWorld’s region Down Under specializes in downstream directed energy programs and Swarm Robotic Mining squad deployment.

South Africa
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