Our end-game is a universal robotics platform that is adaptable to a wide range of industrial jobs on- and offworld.


From the outset, we are designing our robotic platform with a broad set of environments and types of specific tasks in mind. Here are examples of the jobs our robotic workforce will be trainable to do:


  • Autonomous mining:
    Mine metals that lend themselves to selective mining

  • Self-repairing cities:
    Build, monitor and maintain urban infrastructure

  • Manufacturing:
    Generate simple products and structures in remote locations


  • Orbital assembly:
    Assemble space systems from components launched from Earth

  • Orbital resources:
    Capture and process space debris into structures

  • Mining:
    Extract water, aluminum, silicone and other base materials

  • Construction:
    Build and maintain basic surface and subsurface infrastructure

  • Processing:
    Produce the basics like rocket propellant, oxygen, simple structures, solar panels



Extract water and metals

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